Children's stories with moral values

  • Cinderella 2.0 - A story about determination and persistence - No text version

  • Story to learn rhythms and sounds - Kolitas a world of sounds and rhythms

  • Story that teaches the importance of elders - Melody City

  • Ana and her Family - Educational Story about Family Values

  • Christmas story that teach the importance of the family - A wish for Christmas

  • "Team Cooking" - A story about teamwork in a kitchen

  • The Reef Cup: An important story about friendship - Educational Stories for Children

  • CINDERELLA 2.0 - Revamped stories for kids

  • Snow White 2.0 - Revamped Story for Children to Learn Values

  • Don Quixote de la Mancha for kids - Classic stories for children

  • Moral stories teaching the importance of work - The story of Seeds

  • The Calamead Dragon - A children's story about respect

  • The Golden Coin: An important story about honesty - Educational Stories for Children

  • The Little Prince - Stories with values for kids

  • Dorothy and Black - Educational story for kids

  • Princesses: Cinderella & Snow White - Short Stories for Kids

  • Anna at school - Stories for kids

  • The Nutcracker for kids | Preschool Christmas stories

  • Story that teaches respect at school - Allison's Decision - STOP BULLING

  • The Story of the Ant Hill - Values for Kids - Learning insects for kids


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