Best and funniest videos for kids

You can watch the best and funniest videos for small kids at Watching videos for kids is really fun, because there is a lot of fun on YouTube for even the smallest kids from 0 to 4 years. And to make it easy for mums and dads, we made a solution for that: has a website kids can safely watch videos, without content that isn’t meant for them.
From Bumba, Bob the Builder, Tractor Tom to happy songs for the kids. On the website there are multiple groups: videos for small kids, videos for larger kids, videos you can watch animals on and songs for kids.
We divided the videos into groups, because older kids watch different videos than younger kids. Older kids can concentrate on videos for a lot longer, because of the growth they have experienced.

Best and funniest videos for Infands

The best and funniest videos for small kids are often short and easy for them to understand. They watch for other things than larger kids. Larger kids can use their fantasy well, while small kids not so much. They also like colourful videos with many repeats and the same structure. This way they can follow the story the best.
The best videos for small kids divided into different groups. These are updated every week, like all other videos. We have many different videos, with: Bob the Builder, Dikkie Dik, Dora the Explorer, Sesame Street, Teletubbies and Tractor Tom!

Best and funniest videos for Toddlers

Larger kids can not only concentrate on videos for a longer time, they can also understand faster images and follow longer talks than small kids. Their language is better and characters in the videos can speak faster.
The funniest videos for larger kids are divided into different groups. They are updated every week. With a few clicks on the button you can watch videos like: Angry Birds, Bassie and Adriaan, Neighbour and Neighbour, the Fantasy Paper, Jip and Janneke and Maya the Bee.

Willekeurige filmpjes


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